Meetings and strategy days near the Peak District

Out-of-office meetings

Here at the gateway to the Peak District, we've created a new way to work and meet. You won't find grey offices and boardrooms here. Our collection of colourful, inspiring spaces away from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day make collaborating easy and enjoyable, while our dining options will leave your team feeling energised and ready to go.

Discover versatile meeting rooms

A new way to meet, work, and collaborate

With five inspiring rooms to choose from, as well as 35 acres of grounds to break out into, there's no better place to gather your team. Escape from the office and embrace a new way to meet and work in the wild. Don't worry, we've got all those amenities and facilities that you could need, including exhibition grade WiFi with up to 200mbps.

Feed the mind

Hearty, health-conscious dining

There's nothing worse than a working lunch that leaves you feeling sluggish and flat, which is why the kitchen team have created brain-boosting dishes that'll give your team that all-important kick, ready for a productive afternoon. All of these menus can be personalised to your individual needs.

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